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Resume Writing Tips

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15 Things You Should Never Include in Your Resume

Here are tips to ensure the most important information on your resume is seen by a recruiter or hiring manager who is scanning your resume and deciding whether you should move forward in the process.

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5 Resume Deal-Breakers That Could Disqualify You in Seconds

Your resume has the potential to impress the hiring manager — or send your candidacy to the bottom of the list. Here are five tips for getting it right!

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How to Write a Resume to 'Beat the Bots'

Don’t let your resume fall into the ATS black hole.

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Why Objectives and References Are a Thing of the Past

Take your resume out of the past and keep it modern with today’s resume standards!

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I'm Sending out Resumes and Not Getting Any Response, What Am I Doing Wrong?

Does your resume fetch you interviews? The biggest problem I always see with resumes is that they're written from the perspective of the candidate, rather than for the interviewer.

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4 Things You Forgot to Include on Your Resume

Oftentimes, people forget to include additional information—information that can be critical to catching the eye of a potential employer.

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7 Things a Job Seeker Should Never Include on Their Resume -
Our Resume Writers Weigh In

Your resume portrays how you want to be seen as a professional. Check out what our resume writers had to say about the issue.

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A Top Notch Resume is Your Gateway to the Job Interview

Moving, promotion, or new opportunity? Create a new or updated resume to move forward.